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Going to Higher Places Requires Letting Go

I chose the Dupont National Forest, NC as the venue for my bi-annual personal retreat this year (practicing what I preach to my coaching clients!) And the Triple Falls Trail […]

Your mood boost is steps away

Screen time is a reality and necessity for many people in their work. It’s also not news to anyone that we are hooked to our little screens even when we […]

Decision-making inventory

I’m working with several people in the midst of decision-making- BIG decisions like career changes and relocation of their family. And at the time of this writing we are in […]

Burnout is not a you but a we

Burnout is Bigger Than a Worker. On this very blog I have posts with hopefully helpful tips for addressing burnout on an individual basis. AND it’s important to remember that […]

Pottery surprise and life metaphor

Throwing pottery has been on my “want to try that someday” list for many years. I was at an Airbnb in Virginia a personal retreat this weekend- I try to […]

Wholeheartedness for higher

While it’s true that our new year resolution-keeping dwindles over the course of time, the good news is that about half of these changes do carry some stick-with-it commitment for […]

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