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Wholeheartedness for higher

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While it’s true that our new year resolution-keeping dwindles over the course of time, the good news is that about half of these changes do carry some stick-with-it commitment for at least the first half of the year according to one study.

So how do we increase the stick-with-it?

There are many ideas and strategies and factors when it comes to goal-setting and reaching goals. I like to consult the research and have found some consistently helpful themes to guide your reflection on your previous year (or week or month, keep the check-in frequent!) and set intentions for the year ahead.

Just pick one to try out for your own New Year, New You:

  1. One simple strategy is to give someone permission to ask you about your progress every few weeks.
  2. Successful stick-with-it-ness is also connected to stimulus control i.e. if TV watching equals eating chips, then link TV watching to drinking decaf tea

OR knitting

OR foam rolling

OR push-ups during commercials

OR cuddling up with that new weighted blanket from Santa.

A stimulus is a reminder or ‘cue’ that links to a choice or action. So the idea here is to unlink them and even better, link up a regular cue (like brushing your teeth) to a simple new choice (5 squats while you brush your teeth).

3. Intentional acknowledgement and encouragement of your own new choice helps too! In psychology lingo, this is called reinforcement, which is just strengthening the behavior. Bust out your favorite motivational personal theme song – make it your ringtone and use it to cue sending yourself those positive vibes like “You’ve got this!” The dollar in the jar each time you make the new choice to save up for a reward is the same idea.

4. Along with positive vibes is the ever-vital positive thinking. Read the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck. Starting from “I CAN make this change” rather than “I don’t know if…” will definitely keep your intention fires stoked!

My Intention: Because Sharing Works!

Over the last several weeks, the word “wholehearted” has stayed with me in part after reading Dr. Chuck DeGroat’s book on the subject but also reviewing my work with so many incredible individuals, couples, families, and organizational leaders over the past year.

As I have reflected on hundreds of interactions, discussions and the inspirational insights others have shared with me over the course of our work together, WHOLEHEARTEDNESS is a front-runner for what defines their journeys towards their personal and collective summits.

Wholeheartedness led them to reach out to me and wholeheartedness motivates them to show up, invest in self and try out new ideas, even the challenging ones.

Wholeheartedness shows up as courage to be authentic, to take an honest look inward, to ask “why?” and step out with “what’s next?”.

Their wholeheartedness does not let them succumb to the “shoulds” and “ought to’s” but rather serves to nourish their own vision and value with the beautiful byproduct of better… in their personal and professional lives.

Thank you to each one who entrusted their wholeheartedness to the “Deeper to Higher” approach with me

And for inspiring my own intention this year which I’m calling WHOLEHEARTED for HIGHER.

Impactful thoughts?

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