About | Dr. Natalie

Meet Dr. Natalie

As you consider clicking to coffee connect with me, here’s the scoop – some personal, some professional! My own launch of High Places resulted from  new career opportunities and my own deeper look inside. 

Enter a long, winding, sometimes arduous trek with detours to my own “a-ha” clarity summit: I desire to maximize my expertise by supporting growth-minded and wholehearted people to personal and professional flourishing. 

Big ideas, yes. You should know that I’m a “go big” kind of person. 

Now I apply my 20-plus years of clinical experience and trauma specialization (which is stress at capacity), plus other credentials meets wisdom that comes from sitting with, reflecting, listening to, entering in to many awe-inspiring stories.  

These have taught me: 

  •  How to help people discover what’s important to them  and why. 
  •  How to leverage this to promote motivation.
  •  The need to discover and recover personal, leader, team, org strengths and growth edges.
  • Bravery in authentic work and personal relationships.
  • The damaging impact of toxic leadership and how to prevent it. 
  • To hold space for uncensored sorting while I help them distill, connect and build their map for forward. 

And when YOU, high-impact, growth-minded and wholehearted comrade, have your true-to-you map in hand-  then flourishing happens for you AND everyone in your circle of influence.  I would love to support your discovery and recovery of your very own high-impact genius to maximize wholehearted and authentic leading and living for you and those you impact. 

I’m an organizational psychologist, board-certified coach, wife, mom, Ironman triathlon finisher, Enneagram 1 and lover of good coffee, mountains, deep conversation and supporting transformation.

My mission is to equip, inspire and empower wholehearted influencers in the workplace, community, and the home to promote personal and professional flourishing for self and others. I speak, coach, and train with both excellence and practical, sprinkled with doses of vulnerability and always with unwavering presence. Clients tell me that I’m personable, real, committed and engaging.


  • My first careers in the fitness industry and as a high school language arts teacher sparked my passion for whole-person wellness across the lifespan. (And my career in education helps me build learner-centered content!)
  • I’m the EnneagramPhD on Instagram (I’ll see you there!)
  • Living and working for 3 years in West Africa gifted me  incredible cross-cultural experience and life-changing perspective.
  • I might win the game of “How many random things are in your car at this very moment?”
  • I’ve  provided clinical, coaching, or consultation services to schools, hospitals, small businesses, churches and ministry teams, community mental health centers, not-for-profits, solopreneurs, universities, and government agencies. 
  • My favorite color is brown (when my daughter asked me this when she was 4 and I answered, she asked if I was trying to be funny!)
  • I built and ran the EAP program for a government healthcare facility.
  • I am an Ironman triathlon finisher, have traveled to 18 countries, navigated multiple personal and health crises, and perfected a melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate cake recipe.
  • I consume significant amounts of white cheddar popcorn and coffee- not together, though!

I'm also:


  • ICF ACC credentialed
  • Board Certified Coach 
  • Certified in Nutritional Psychology
  • Crucial Accountability Trainer 
  • Coach and Mentor Training Facilitator
  • Certified Employee Health Coach 
  • DISC Facilitation and Trainer
  • 360 Facilitation 
  • Enneagram Accredited Practitioner Coach
  • Enneagram Accredited Practitioner- Teams
  • EQ-i 2.0 certified