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Crafting Your Journey


Imagine yourself tucked away in the mountains on your very own personalized retreat intensive working through burnout, old wounds, unhealthy relationship patterns, imposter syndrome, career “blah” or whatever holds you back.

Or maybe you need a fresh map for a transition or life season. Dr. Pickering uses her highly personalized, time-limited, goal driven approach to support your personal or professional tune-up. People use intensives to restore confidence, identify barriers, step into new opportunities, realign leadership with their team, navigate unexpected transition, or for a “check-up”, “tune-up” or “I’m stuck” or “I don’t know what’s not working!”

Dr. Natalie’s popular “coaching boot camp” is ideal for busy professionals ready to invest deeply in exploring and transforming- this is a thru-hike! You can also request a DIY Retreat Guide (link below) personalized for you and a solo trek.

Dr. Natalie’s boot camp is also excellent for a “business retooling”” for helping professionals (i.e. healthcare, therapists, psychologists, physicians, educators, community health advocates, lawyers, human resources specialists) who want to add a side business or shift their existing business or practice to offer new services.


When three or more high-impact people do work life together, challenges are inevitable. I have supported executive teams towards synced up leadership, more effective communication, leveraging conflict for their greatest good, and establishing healthy norms with a new team member.

Whether your team would benefit from a coaching engagement, half-day workshop or multi-day offsite, Dr. Natalie’s engaging and interactive facilitation guides teams to engage important questions and discussion.


Effective training and development is critical to maximizing organizational health and a learning culture. Dr. Natalie is a repeat-requested speaker and trainer for keynotes, retreat speaking and facilitation, lunch and learns, group and organization-wide workshops.

Some of her most popular speaking and training experiences cover issues such as:

  • Mind Your E’s and Q’s
  • Burnout-Busting Cultures
  • Is It SAFE Here?
  • Trauma Informed and Responsive Workplaces
  • Your Leader Identity
  • Lost In Translation and Is Anyone Listening?


Dr. Natalie is a sought-after trainer for team and organizations implementing the increasingly popular EQ-illuminating Enneagram System to improve communication, maximize conflict and optimize group, team and organization dynamics.

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