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Ready for your higher?

As a psychologist and board-certified coach, I’m experienced in journeying with others towards their high places, each one starting at a different place on the path but all holding out hope for HIGHER.

Utilizing research-based assessment and methods, I design a PERSONAL, TEAM, or ORGANIZATION TREK to take you HIGHER together. Get your gear – we’ve got a SUMMIT to trek!


Personal and Professional Coaching with specialty in UNBurnout, Resilience, and growing Emotional Intelligence (EQ). We will consider themes of your story to the present, clarify values, unpack patterns, and chart a personal or professional growth plan towards your Best You! Individual and Team Coaching are available.


Dr. Pickering speaks and trains on a range of leadership and development topics. Available workshop samples:​ Leading & Teaming by Your iEQ9 Type Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Workplace Resilience Leading a High Reliability Team Healthy Leaders: Healthy Workplace


This high-powered tool via the iEQ9 offers insight for coaching, consultation, and training. It provides tremendous insight for communication, conflict, decision making and relationship dynamics. Personal and professional options are available.


 9 SUMMIT LEAD is a training series for businesses, teams, ministries, leaders invested in their own and their team’s development via the Enneagram tool. Think of it as Summit 8: Leading Starts with Self and Summit 9: Your very own Leadership HIGHEST PLACE!

Modules include Leading Self, Leading Others, EQ, Communication, Conflict, Career Development.