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Crafting Your Journey


Imagine yourself tucked away in the mountains working through burnout, old wounds, unhealthy relationship patterns, whatever is holding you back.

Or maybe you are charting a new course for a new transition or life season. Dr. Pickering uses her highly personalized, time-limited, goal driven approach to support your personal or professional tune-up in areas recovering confidence after a difficult season, identifying barriers to personal and professional wholeheartedness, navigating impact of loss in unexpected transition, "check-up" or "tune-up" or "I'm stuck!"


When three or more high-impact people do work life together, challenges are inevitable. I have supported executive teams towards significantly deeper understanding of one another resulting in clearer communication, leveraging conflict for their greatest good, and establishing healthy norms with a new team member. Whether your team would benefit from a half-day workshop to a multi-day offsite, Dr. Natalie's engaging and interactive facilitation guides teams to engage important questions and discussion.


Effective training and development is critical to maximizing organizational health and a learning culture. Dr. Natalie is a repeat-requested speaker and trainer for lunch and learns, group and organization-wide workshops. Some of her most popular training experiences cover issues such as emotional intelligence, burnout, resilience. She is also a sought-after trainer for using the personality system of the Enneagram to improve communication, maximize conflict and optimize group, team and organization dynamics.

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