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How DO We Get to Higher Places?

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In my early conversations with individuals, team and organization leaders, human resources directors, supervisors, directors, entrepreneurs, and not-for-profit boards, I am often asked, what exactly will we DO…?

First, we get clear on goals and how will we know we accomplished them!

And for most every engagement, an assessment or several will be part of our work (I’m a psychologist, after all!)

Beyond that, here are some specific ideas from my work with individuals, teams and leaders to paint a picture of what my support might look like, feel like, sound like.

I also wrote this for my Dad, who tells me he has a hard time explaining my job to people back home who ask him what I’m up to!


Most often, individual support centers on professional coaching and my favorite mode of delivery is personal coaching intensives 2 days, 3 days, or 5 days focused exclusively on the work and the goals. Goals range from “I’m starting a new career endeavor and need support,” to “I was promoted…” to “I was given another team…” or “I want to get promoted…” or “I’m stressed…” or “Imposter syndrome is getting the best of me…”

Whatever the challenge or new opportunity, clients recognize that coaching offers a perfect means for:

  • Figuring out the real barriers. These are often tucked away just outside of awareness.
  • Brainstorming possibilities. Coaches -and psychologists, I’m both!– have specialized training in asking questions that shift someone to a new way of thinking, to digging deeper in exploring a problem and a solution, to helping people recognize their own assumptions.
  • Gaining clarity (i.e. “How does that relate? What exactly do you mean by__? Can you give me an example?”)
  • Assessing impact, consequences, implications. (i.e. “What would happen? What do you fear would happen? When have you experienced this before? How would __ respond?”)
  • Leveraging strengths in new ways (e.g. “I never realized how much my EQ showed up when I hire, sell, recruit, manage…”

You were such an instrumental part of my career journey and blossoming- I want you to know I carry the work we did with me and use it daily.

Coachee, Team Leader, IT Industry


All of the above coaching gains are available for teams too! Often, individual leaders will invite me to continue working with their teams.

Executive directors, project managers, business owners, CEO’s, and facility managers connect with me because “Morale is down…” or “Turnover is through the roof...” or “I’ve hired two new people…” or “I want my team to grow…” (I LOVE THIS ONE!) or “They’re all doing their own thing…”

Depending on the goal and the size of the team, I use different assessments to help illuminate team member motivations, conflict styles, desired contributions.

Most often and most effectively, I meet with each team member 1:1 first and we debrief their assessments. Then we meet all together for a longer workshop, such an on-site or off-site (1-3 days). Depending on the situation, we may meet for ongoing team coaching on a monthly or quarterly basis.

And to be clear, these workshops are not just-read-the-slides experiences- blagh! I build training experiences that I would want to attend. My workshops have included 3D glasses, massive painted personality system mats, songs, self-reflection, small group discussions.

In a nutshell: Relevant. Actionable. Self-Directed. Honoring of people’s valuable time.

My team is STILL talking about your workshop!
Understanding our unique styles has transformed
our meetings, our communication and how we support each other.

Director, Healthcare Service Line

Organization Via: Business, Not-for-Profit, Committee, Board

Depending on organization structures, I might share a lunch and learn series for a larger group, multiple teams, leadership levels – whatever makes the most sense for the situation. Or we focus on a particular people-related challenge area. Consultation may include board members, executive members, human resources, or a project team, workgroup, or new initiative.

Micro-modules (10-15 minutes) are a great option for industries where getting functional teams together is incredibly challenging (e.g. a production line, a healthcare team).

Often, we blend coaching, consulting and training, building an experience with strategic focus on implementation, accountability, and follow-up for maximal return on investment.

I can’t believe how much impact your work is already having.

CEO, Not-for-profit

Impactful thoughts?

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