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DIY Personalized Retreat

A rhythm of rest is not the reward for your work. It is the foundation for work, for life, for being human. Rest is the seemingly simple but easily bypassed necessity for flourishing.

Block your calendar. I'll take it from there.

Not everyone can get away to come meet with me onsite and face to face for a personal retreat intensive (which my clients fondly call “Dr. Natalie Boot Camp AND often schedule next year’s before they leave!). Others may not have the resources for 12 to 20 hours with me. So I’ve created the next best option! For roughly one-third the price of a retreat experience with me, I will build a highly personalized guide for your DIY retreat that walks you step by step through a customized experience I design exclusively for you. And your retreat guide is YOURS! So you can use it for your next retreat after that … which you should also put on the calendar! You pick the venue, block your schedule and I build the agenda, provide materials, and send you a comprehensive personalized retreat intensive plan JUST. FOR. YOU! 

      STEP 1. COFFEE CONSULT TO CLARIFY                  STEP 2. COMPLETE ASSESSMENTS                   STEP 3.  DIY RETREAT AND FOLLOWUP                         GOALS AND HOPEFUL TAKEAWAYS                                AND OTHER PREWORK                                           MATERIALS DELIVERED-DONE!  

My Retreat Building Street Cred

Seventy-one.  Is the number of personal retreat intensives that I have facilitated for people. I will share my best practices, years of expertise and one-of-a-kind creative ideas to build a customized retreat intensive experience for your personal or professional goals or both!  

Are You A Coach or Therapist

Looking for a powerful and effective service to offer your existing or new clients? Book a DIY with me for yourself and let’s consult on building your own retreat intensive experience opportunity to support your clients too! 

Ready for your rhythm of rest?

Click the “Let’s Chat” button to send an email straight to my inbox to set up our virtual coffee consult. I look forward to hearing more about your retreat intensive goals!

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