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Dr. Pickering has shared her world-class facilitation style with business and organization teams and groups of all sizes.

If your workshop objective is not listed, let’s talk about building that one!


Leadership Genius

We will grow your self-as-leader awareness by applying your strengths and growth edges to your leadership style and identity. Know your impact on others. How to relate to other personality styles. Using ALL of your intelligences.

Communication and Conflict Magic

What "rules" or norms we realize or don't for own communication expectations. Different communication styles. How to apply effective communication to your own style. Managing a balanced response to others. Giving and receiving critical feedback. Leveraging conflict for the greater good.

Your Resilient, High Performing Team

What are the strengths of EVERY team member? How do you know? Or not? Developing a system of feedback that works for the team. Increase Team EQ. Determine the best decision-making and strategic planning strategies. Happy teams with caffeination not required!

Change Resistance to Change Resilience

How people negotiate the inevitability of change differently. What creates or reinforces change resistance? What questions and strategies and insights do we need from our team, colleagues, direct reports to navigate change together most productively?

Dr. Pickering is an experienced speaker, trainer, workshop and retreat facilitator. She is comfortable with groups of any size and receives repeat speaking requests. Her style is engaging, warm and interactive. Her experience includes on-site and off-site training and retreats. 

Sample workshop and training topics include:

  • Leading & Teaming by Your Style

  • The Enneagram for EQ

  • EQ for the Resilient Workplace

  • Healthy Leaders: Healthy Workplace

  • Leading a High Reliability Team

  • Using Your Style for Career Vision 

Dr. Pickering was fabulous!  She is so immensely passionate and knowledgeable that she effortlessly engages audiences.   She facilitates discussions in such a way that groups feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues, thereby growing as leaders and team members.  I came to the conference emotionally drained and left feeling energized.

A.R., CPA | Enneagram Leadership Workshop Participant

I'm hearing rave reviews from my team! Dr. Natalie's approach to speaking to groups is amazing...
professional and deeply personal.
She is the most dedicated and expert professional...

H.T., Manager, Healthcare Facility | Enneagram Leadership Team Development Workshop