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Personal and Professional Coaching with specialty in UNBurnout, Resilience and growing EQ! We will consider themes of your story to the present, clarify values, unpack patterns and chart a personal or professional growth plan towards your Best You!


Dr. Pickering speaks on a range of leadership and development topics. Available workshop samples: ‚Äč "Leading & Teaming by Your Type!" "EQ and Workplace Resilience" "Leading a High Reliability Team" "Healthy Leaders : Healthy Workplace"


This high-powered tool offers insight for coaching, consultation and training. It offers tremendous insight for communication, conflict, decision making and relationship dynamics. Personal and professional options are available.


For businesses and organizations desiring leadership and team excellence in a VUCA world. We specialize in assessment, off-sites and ongoing individual &/or team coaching focusing on optimal team dynamics, EQ, organizational resilience.