About | My Approach


Part of building maps with people and teams and organizations includes an honest look back at the treks that have led to this one, the bigger, deeper story and larger scale map we can reference as we  recognize themes, landmarks, equipment failures and how we reached other summits.

Research and real life show us that others, environment, context, the bigger picture and story and map and landscape must be part of the complete exploration. 

My approach is a great fit for those who are ready to get wholeheartedly honest about

  • the WHY behind your day-to-day choices
  • whether your version of success is congruent with your values and your day-to-day choices
  • potentially uncomfortable parts of the bigger picture and whether or not that is working
  • recognition that others’ maps may include different routes leading to the same summit

D: Dedication

to the process. Your investment of time and energy to this trek. What are potential roadblocks -or trail hazards- that have kept you from forward? Mindset shifts. This is your arrival to basecamp.

E: Exploration

We start with my comprehensive assessment battery, including the Enneagram. We consider this data with your identified goals and distill insights related to your personal style, work style, leader style and how to capitalize your strengths towards achieving your goals. This is vision casting, for you, for the team. Mapping the terrain. 

E: Enlisting

of others. The input of trusted others on your personal and professional team is vital and valuable to maximize your process. In the workspace or personal life, advisor input is vital. I will guide you or your team through a 360-degree process to glean feedback from colleagues, family, and friends to help us realize what might work even better. Who is your ground support for this trek? 

P: Practice

AKA Potentiate. Better stated: Put it all out there! Done well, this means taking time, reflecting, looking inward…a little more deeply. This is about executing, realizing, moving, and doing. And your trek guide (that’s me!) is there to mobilize, rally, and reinforce with you, the team, and the organization. We will practice clearing trail debris and using new equipment to do so. 

E: Embark

The course has been charted. Supplies have been restocked. The trek guide is ready for real-life application! Your trek team is aligned and it’s time to put it all together. Your hard work in developing, editing, testing pieces and parts of your field guide has led to clarity of your flourishing living and leading truest you.

R: Review

This is not just the last step. It is a life and work and leadership discipline and rhythm. We will strategize the best way for you or the team to continue your growth. The process continues. We ensure you have a plan for next steps and that your new skills, insights, and practices have had plenty of boots- on- the- trail, breaking in.