Enneagram Expeditions

Team Expedition

Teaming well is the future! 


While individual leadership development is important, our complex always-changing reality needs teams ready to trek HIGHER.

High Places TEAM TREKS (on-site or off-site) use the iEQ9 to facilitate TEAMS ready for 

H. I. G. H. E. R.

Utilizing research-backed assessment and methods, we design a Team Trek to take you HIGHER together!

individual Expedition

The Enneagram is a fantastic tool for personal leadership development or career exploration or transition. 

Emerging and experienced leaders all benefit tremendously from focused objective insight related to navigating interpersonal dynamics, reminders of strengths to capitalize and potential blind spots overlooked in the high stress day to day.


Perfect for couples hoping to take their relationship out of ‘stuck’ or even better, to the next level! Families have used the Enneagram Expedition to navigate new dynamics related to launching a child to college, relocating, or learning to appreciate all family personalities.

Couples and families have charted new vision and opened new trails on their collective treks!