Deeper Method

  1. Ralph Waldo Emerson:

It is not length of life, but depth of life.

  1. Kahlil Gibran:

In the depth of my soul there is a wordless song.

  1. Anthony Falco:

You’re going to get much better depth of flavor.

  1. Gerald Burrill:

The difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

  1. George Eliot:

Speech is but broken light upon the depth Of the unspoken.



Am I allowed to reference Hinds Feet on High Places?


My coaching philosophy is uniquely influenced by my own journey and the journeys of hundreds of others I’ve been honored to share. This next part may just stop you in your tracks and find you clicking away from my page… don’t say I didn’t warn you… but here it is: I don’t believe happiness is the ultimate goal. Whaa? I did not say that I am anti-happiness. I did not say that happiness isn’t important and incredible … But in my work with hundreds of people I don’t find that holding this goal as the ultimate has done many much good. And it is not the ultimate solution for those who are stuck…

My philosophy is rooted in a belief that our stories are part of a larger Story and that while self-exploration and development are INDEED what I help people work toward, there is a bigger, deeper picture to unpack – and an all-about-me approach to life without this bigger context just plain comes up short. This is not to say that I don’t believe in hard work and the rewards that come with it. Nor is it to say that I won’t be the first to celebrate the success of my coachees (that IS my role!). However, getting honest about what REALLY drives my day-to-day choices and exploring what version of success fits your values and honoring the uncomfortable parts of that and whether or not that is working… this is my kind of conversation. I am all about maximizing potential, setting and working towards realistic goals and capitalizing personal strengths- YES! But there’s a DEEPER and if you’re interested in going there, then I’m the coach for you!

If you are looking for a coach steeped in understanding and in fostering resilience, development, and high-level learning in the context of a gritty, warm, deeply present Truth-seeking space, let’s talk!

The DEEPER Coaching Method:

What EXACTLY do you mean by DEEPER? ((note the DEEP thinking paradigm here))

Good question! I would refer you first to some articles (LINK, ) (LINK,) about the differences between coaching and counseling or therapy so that we are clear on what DEEPER is NOT. While there are some areas of overlap, the relationship between coach and coachee is different… we can talk more about this in your “Get to Know Me” call…    But DEEPER is my very own coaching method informed by my careers in psychology, education, the fitness industry as well as working the assembly line at a factory and shoveling snow to pay for my education… 

This method is what I’ve been using for years with the distinct pleasure of seeing people’s faces light up, hearing the excitement in their voices when they realize Truth, recognize patterns that work or don’t, stretch themselves to try new things and succeed and get honest about not wanting to ____ anymore.

D is for Dedicating time, space, and energy to the coaching process…we start with what this means for YOU! Your investment of time, energy and money into this process necessitates that we start here!

E is for Exploration of self with a uniquely comprehensive assessment system… Your coach is a psychologist and psychologists love assessment (and most people like to learn about their personality styles and tendencies so it’s a winning combination!)… and our training very much focuses on how to do this well. The most comprehensive Exploration assessment package for my coachees includes the Enneagram (LINK TO ARTICLE HERE) in addition to other tools… (e.g. DiSC, MBTI, 360’s, … , …) The Enneagram is being used in corporate and executive settings to provide DEPTH of exploration and nuances that are extremely beneficial for personal or team growth and development goal-setting.

E is for Enlisting others- This component of my method is unique and vital. In my personal and professional experience, the honest feedback of our people adds an important dimension to our pursuit of growth (the most effective approaches to counseling recognize this- article about bringing in family members or something to give more data??) what do friends, family, colleagues, your boss, your employees, your gal pals, golfing buddies,  share with you towards your journey towards realignment? Our people can help us towards realizing what is working or what will work better… I will help you enlist their hold-up-the-mirror tidbits in a way that feels ok… a little risky, yes… but ok.

P is for Practicing the new.. better yet Putting it ALL out there! Coaching is about reflection, realization and taking steps towards those goals that brought you to searching out this page… Practicing new ideas, ways of thinking, behaviors is MUCH easier with a coach rallying with you and for you

E is for Engagement … For individuals, this means       For executives and workgroups this means     For

R is for Review, which is an on-going process. Good coaching provides you with personally nuanced tools and strategies that you take with you. This is a critical part of my method and takes a long-term view of your goals and aspirations. I will teach you multiple Review methods and techniques that you can use immediately. Review also highlights the fact that while coaching is extremely effective for a few months (link article of research), it can also be helpful to use Check-Up Coaching with the same person when new seasons or transitions or opportunities or decisions arise (link article).

My coaching philosophy is influenced by many people from around the world who have courageously  shared their stories with me- good stuff, bad stuff, hard stuff and hope. In these moments they have taught me much.

Credentials … if you’re still reading!

BA Wheaton College, Media Communications and Secondary Education-Language Arts

MS Counseling, University of Houston -Clear Lake

PhD Counseling Psychology, University of Houston