Bundle of courses

  1. Starting Your Enneagram Trek
  2. The Enneagram for EQ Informed Leadership
  3. Create a Personal REAL Resilience Plan

Create a Personal REAL Resilience Plan

Stress and burnout continue to be one of the most-searched workplace ‘help’ terms. What interferes with good boundaries? Why does emotional exhaustion sneak up on us? Many stress management recommendations infer that adding yoga, breathing or more self-compassion will round out the stress-busting routine. While these behavior and habit changes are important, REAL resilience-building runs deeper. Join licensed psychologist and board-certified coach Dr. Natalie Pickering for a Deeper to Higher look at the roots of resilience building. You will leave this course with a thoughtful and personalized resilience plan.
Bonus resource “Personal REAL Resilience Plan” template included!

The Enneagram for EQ Informed Leadership

Why do some people respond to your leadership style and others don’t? How do communications get mixed up, misunderstood or dropped in transit? How can you use self-awareness to positively impact your influence? The research is overwhelmingly clear that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is vital to emerging and experienced leader development. Join Dr. Pickering for a comprehensive look at the leadership superpowers and blindspots for each Enneagram style. This course is practical and suitable for any leadership role in the community or workplace.
Bonus resource “Leadership Development Plan” template included!

Starting Your Enneagram Trek

For those new to the Enneagram, this course provides a big picture overview of the tool and its application to your personal and professional life. Various ways of discovering your Enneagram style will be included as well as how the Enneagram reveals what resources can equip your personal growth plan and trek essentials!
Bonus resource “Top Ten Need to Know for Each Type” included!