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For leaders, teams, and organizations desiring support for the people side of work life!

Dr. Natalie offers individual leader and executive coaching and team coaching for stress management, burnout  and overwhelm, building healthy culture, effective communication and conflict resolution or change management.

She offers Personal and Professional Coaching with specialty in relationship dynamics, resilience building, and emotional intelligence (EQ). We will consider themes of your story to the present, clarify values, clear out trail debris, unpack patterns, and chart a personal or professional growth plan towards your

Best Personal and Professional You!

Coaching & Trek Options

Individual Microtrek & Assessment - 60 min

A one-session test drive! Using the Enneagram assessment, we will consider strengths, growth edges and at least 1 goal and action step based on our discoveries. Session can be applied to a longer-term coaching engagement. The microtrek includes an iEQ9 assessment and report.

On the Rise - 1 Month

For those with a solid goal needing focus for plan and action steps, we meet for three sessions over the course of 4 weeks.

Summit Bound - 3 Months

A solid upfront investment for unpacking what's working and what is not. Nine sessions over 3 months.

To the Heights - 6 Months

Because the truth about habit change is that it takes TIME. Six months and 18 sessions maximizes growth with longer-term accountability and opportunity to explore more challenge areas.

Personal Retreat Expedition

You. Your coach. No distractions. No stone unturned. With lodging provided in a furnished tiny home cabin nestled on a Tennessee hillside, you and Dr. Natalie meet for 3-4 hours per day for a 3-day or 5-day intensive and incredibly effective coaching experience. This is Your THRU HIKE.


High Places Coaching and Consulting will map the course and trek with you.

Coaching Trek Options


60 min

For those needing clarity on charting a course towards personal and professional success.

OR to more fully test drive the coaching process

The microtrek includes an iEQ9 assessment and report.


3 months

For those with a solid goal needing focus for plan and action steps

RESULT: Increased self-awareness via depth coaching and personal exploration towards stepping forward into new insights and a clear plan.


6 months

A solid upfront investment

RESULT: Deep personal exploration and a solid plan for positive personal and professional changes with visible results — all with consistent action and accountability.

to the heights

9 months

Because the truth about habit change: it takes TIME.

RESULT: Maximal investment means more  time to explore patterns and unpack & use your strengths  to capitalize  growth, success and implementation.

3 to 7 Days

You. Your coach.

No distractions. No stone unturned.

Set aside a solid 3-day, 5-day, 7-day investment to dig deep with full focus