While it’s true that our new year resolution-keeping dwindles over the course of time, the good news is that about half of these changes do carry some stick-with-it commitment for at least the first half of the year according to one study. So how do we increase the stick-with-it? There are many ideas and strategies

How can burned out, sleep derived leading men and women serve their teams, families, and organizations well? Not surprisingly, research continues to establish a VERY solid connection between limited or impaired sleep and burnout. As we proceed with our plan for UN-BURNOUT let’s look more closely at the “S” in our UN-BURNOUT B.A.S.I.C.S. which stands

Our imaginations are tapped throughout our day-to-day for a variety of reasons… whether visualizing much more satisfying versions of ourselves saying what we WANTED to say to that person… OR dreaming of a healthy and prepared-by-someone-else gourmet dinner waiting on the table when we arrive home… OR thinking about how the team will respond to

Comparison does not make us better… (with very few exceptions which I will unpack below) Take a moment now and reflect on the last time you looked at someone else and thought, “Hmmm…. s/he must [insert thought related to appearance, job, home, status, friendships] “ [insert sigh] [cue emotional yuck] “And I just… [insert thought

If you’ve paid ANY attention to social media, corporate leadership articles, health and wellness tips (here’s one that quotes me!), or spiritual growth reflections, you have likely heard of the “En-Nee-Ah-Gram”. I think of it as a map or compass that not only shows me what’s NOT working but what IS and CAN BE! Here

This post reflects part personal reflection and part call to action as I reflect and write in response to the tragedy of Dr. Lorna Breen whose loss of life starkly indicates that we have much to address on behalf of healthcare professionals who were already struggling to meet financially-driven system demands while maintaining personal integrity

I’m working with several people in the midst of decision-making- BIG decisions like career changes and relocation of their family. And at the time of writing we are in the midst of significant global and national crises for extra change challenge measure. This morning while running a new trail system, I was thinking about decisions