The only map to your summit is the one you create!

Maybe you’ve lost your map to burnout or unforeseen challenges. 

Or you’ve been following someone else’s map because it seems to be working for them.

I help high-impact people, professionals, leaders discover or recover their unique-to-you trek map to the summit. 

Your why. Your approach. Your leader identity. These translate to the day-to-day communication, navigating conflict well, making decisions, execution, motivating the team. 

You can read about my trek guide and “map building” experience  here.

Real living and leading is freeing and flourishing for you and your circle of influence -at home and at work. 

Flourishing IS yours for the having, for the growing, for the living and for the leading!

I support high-impact people who have misplaced their map or never taken the time to create it.

Think Higher. Feel Deeper.

Dr. Natalie (Trail name “Edna”) is your Trek Guide. 

Dr. Natalie Cupples Pickering, PhD, BCC, ACC is a licensed psychologist and board-certified coach with 20 years of clinical, coaching and consulting experience across a wide range of settings, including international. Her careers in education and the fitness industry complement her whole-person approach to supporting  well-being in life, work and leadership.

Natalie is genuine, honest (she’s an Enneagram 1 after all), creative and committed. You can read it from others below.  Her knowledge of the terrain will help you and your team  reevaluate what you are carrying in your trek “pack”, why you chose it, what may no longer be useful and what new gear may be needed for this stage of your climb.

Read more about her EXPERIENCE

Trek With Me

Through her unique individual retreat programs, workshops, and coaching, Natalie shows you how to leverage your strengths, recognize blind spots, and build an individual, team or organizational resilience plan.

You will be wholly prepared to discover your view of the summit at sunrise.

Read more about her Approach.

Get started over a cup of coffee?

Let’s coffee talk! For you, your team, your leadership- all of the above. Click the “Let’s Chat” button to send an email straight to my inbox to set up a time. I look forward to hearing more about where you are on your trek and where you want to go!

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Are you ready for higher?


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