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A licensed psychologist and board-certified coach with 20 years of clinical, coaching and consulting experience across a wide range of settings, including international. Previous careers in education and the fitness industry complement a whole-person approach to supporting well-being in life, work and leadership.

“I’ve been told that I’m genuine, honest (I am an Enneagram 1), creative and committed.  I’ve trekked with many and my knowledge of the terrain will help you and your team reevaluate what you are carrying in your packs, why, what may no longer be useful and what new gear may be needed for this stage of your climb.”

how I help

Crafting Your Journey

workshop individual


Utilize a highly personalized, time-limited, goal driven approach to support your personal or professional tune-up.



Guide your team towards significantly deeper understanding of one another resulting in clearer communication, leveraging conflict for their greatest good, and establishing healthy norms with a new team member.

Large Group


Lunch and learns, group and organization-wide workshops to improve communication, maximize conflict and optimize group, team and organization dynamics.


I was honored to be the closing speaker for the inaugural TedxJohnsonCity event. The topic was “Rewriting the Appalachian Narrative” and I shared a personal story, practical takeaway and a surprise ending to delve into my take on this vast topic. Tickets sold out fast, but you can now view the recording!

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